our mission

HFW provides a 24 hour state-wide Wildlife Emergency Service.

BushFire Rescue

BushFire Rescue

HFW works with the relevant authorities during bushfire emergencies.

Emergency Response Teams

Emergency Response Teams

HFW has a number of fully trained teams ready to aid in emergencies.

Wildlife Rescue

Wildlife Rescue

The rescue of orphaned and injured wildlife is our specialty.


Help for Wildlife lost its founder, Denise Garratt, in September 2015. A passionate advocate for those without a voice, Denise was a wildlife carer who dedicated everything to wildlife. Denise was a co-founder of the RSPCA Wildlife Branch in the early 80s. She then went on to start the Wildlife Care Network which then became Wildlife Victoria. In the 90s Denise established Help for Wildlife. She advocated for the first state-wide road signs with Help for Wildlife’s phone number so that members of the public could easily access assistance with injured or orphaned wildlife. We at Help for Wildlife will continue her legacy just as she had wanted. Denise, a genuine Wildlife Angel, is sadly missed.


Logan McKimmie attended one of Help for Wildlife’s Basic Rescue Information sessions at Kinglake in October 2018. As an 8-year-old she was keen to learn how to check an animal’s pouch and how to help an injured animal. There had been many animals hit by cars in her local area and Logan’s mum had campaigned VicRoads for two large road signs warning motorists to be aware of local wildlife in this particularly bad area.

Logan was aware that Help for Wildlife had been fundraising for a vehicle to be used to both rescue animals and to tow a donated mobile vet unit. She decided that she wanted to raise $20,000 to help obtain that vehicle.Her passion was so great that, not only had she raised the money by December,she had also written to VicRoads to put aside a number plate specific to the vehicle so that people would recognise it. She was determined to make it safer for our carers and rescuers when stopped by the side of the road. Logan’s actions motivated VicRoads to start a program whereby they would donate personalised number plates to three charities a year.

Logan has been a champion for wildlife, as has her family. They are members of Help for Wildlife and actively participate with rescues and fundraising. Logan, her younger brother Bailen, and friend Chance, sorted through donations of pouches sent during the recent Bushfires of 2019-2020. These were given to carers affected by these bushfires, not only in Victoria but interstate.


Not everyone who loves animals is able, or wants, to volunteer. This is where a small donation can assist greatly in supporting carers, shelters and, of course, our precious native wildlife. We always encourage anyone who would like to volunteer in some way to become a rescuer and transporter before deciding to commit to becoming a foster carer.

This way volunteers can get an idea of what’s involved in working with wildlife.

Donate Now

Donations allow our volunteers and wildlife shelters to continue the work they do best, both during disasters and in everyday caring. We are all volunteers and receive no government funding. Every little bit helps. We rely on the generosity of the public to help look after our native wildlife. Without you we couldn’t do the job we do. 


Help for Wildlife is a not-for-profit charity, run by volunteers. Your donations go to everything wildlife related: wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, release, disaster support, education, training, equipment, and to wildlife shelters that require assistance. The use of our training facility has been donated and our psychologists and vets donate their time.

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